Mood was designed to seamlessly blend into the everyday lives of young women. It addresses the need for discretion and privacy while purchasing feminine hygiene products—an experience that is often uncomfortable and embarrassing. Mood restructures the concept of feminine hygiene to value the dignity of the female consumer, creating a package that supports women with confidentiality and sensitivity.

Inspired by the characteristics of chocolate, Mood is able to embody the need for discretion through its design. The package is concealed as a chocolate box, containing three different flavours: white, milk, and dark chocolate, each representative of the level of absorbency. Each package is separated into pads and tampons, with the features of the products disguised as package ingredients. Both containers are reversible, providing either a calendar to track a woman’s menstrual period, or information regarding tampon use. With Mood, women will be able to have a fun and thoughtful experience of the perceived stigma associated with feminine hygiene products.

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