The Five Nudes / Deconstructing Memory

The Five Nudes / Deconstructing Memory is a visual exploration on the practices of memory recollection. These practices were textually, graphically, and architecturally depicted with a primary goal of examining the receiving and recovering of memory as a visual medium. The mnemonic principles used in the Art of Memory, practices improving memory through the storing of information, and creation of idea associations. These methods of memory create an explorative process of visualizing memory that are usually abstract and mental processes.

Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, a well-known painting, although not entirely familiar to myself, was visually deconstructed to demonstrate the process of creating a visual memory. Using graphics, text, and space as frameworks, visual cues and associations were developed to generate a reflective memory. The process of deconstructing to reconstruct memory will display how visualization is an important aspect in easily remembering things through the organization of placing information within a space.

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