Aqua Skins

Aqua Skins provides a playful and friendly experience for children during the challenging incident of receiving cuts and scrapes. Inspired by the characteristics of the fish, Aqua Skins was created to function similarly to the scales of the fish: protecting against bacteria. Made with waterproof technology, Aqua Skins makes the task of applying a bandage for a child easier, as the bandage is accessible with a simple pull.

This package was designed to ensure a functional benefit, while contributing to a better experience when injured. Within the package, the bandages are placed as individual tabs, where a simple pull will easily remove the bandage for application. The package functions as a hook and can be hanged on the wall of the bathroom or kitchen for easy access when injured. When bandages are removed, the bones of the fish become visible, an indicator to replace the bandages soon. With its functional benefit and fun colourful illustrations, Aqua Skins makes an enjoyable situation out of a bad one.

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